The Poker Room – A Series

I work in a poker room, and as such, I come across a wide variety of people characters.  For about 10 months I worked the night shift (5:30pm-3am), but now work the day shift (10am-5:30pm).  Let me tell ya, the poker room at night is a whole other animal. Whoo boy.

I love my job, however, the most difficult part of my job is seeing the gambling addiction in its raw form.  Players losing hand after hand, going to the ATM, losing it all again, and after several hours winning some, if not all of it back, and instead of leaving, lose it all over again.  There are players who show up at noon and stay until close (2-3am) because they’re chasing money they’ve lost. We have players ask beg to be trespassed, meaning to have one of our on-site police officers ban them from ever returning.  We had a player so desperate to be trespassed that he bent a card.  If you are trespassed because of an action, the player can never return.  I see players sweat, twitch, get red faced, angry, throw chips, water bottles, slam their fists on the poker table, and full on body shake when losing.  We have players who will not get up to the use the restroom for fear of missing a hand, but when they are on the brink of pissing themselves will run like the wind blows and be back in their seat in 30 seconds.  The desperation is heart breaking to watch.

When a player wins a big hand I feel pretty comfortable telling them in a playful manner to put some of their chips into their pocket so they don’t gamble them away.  Some listen, and some don’t.  Some have asked me to hit them if they reach into their pockets. I have a pretty good rapport with most of our players so it gets to me a little to see them lose.

Without wanting to, I’ve developed a sort of relationship with some of our regulars.  I’ll tell some stories about my favorites every so often. I did write a post about one of our players, but it was so negative that I deleted it.  It’s not what I want to focus on.  There is far too much ugly in this world, and I don’t want to add to it.

If you stuck around to read this entire post, thank you.  🙂  I won’t venture too far away from writing about makeup.  Sometimes it’s nice to share other aspects of my life.  I hope I make it interesting enough for y’all to return!