Blogmas! (Day 19) Homemade Snowman Mason Jar Gift

I wrote a post on making these but didn’t break down how I made them! I got the idea last year when I made the same jars but as reindeer and filled each jar with chocolate/salted caramel gourmet pretzels.

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jars with lids (8 oz)
  • Black spray paint
  • Orange craft paint
  • Paint brush to paint the jingle bells
  • Medium jingle bells
  • Googly eyes
  • Medium black buttons
  • Ribbon (If you’re like me and not too crafty, buy lots of ribbon)
  • Glue gun with plenty of glue sticks
  • Top hat ornaments (optional)
  • White candies/cookies/pretzels

I needed 15 jars, so I purchased two cases of the mason jars with lids from Walmart. Each case was under $8.00. I also purchased black spray paint, medium sized jingle bells, orange craft paint, paint brushes, lots of ribbon, a bag of black buttons, and top hat ornaments. I had googly eyes from a previous craft.


First step was to paint the lids and inner caps black. I wanted to give the snowmen jars a top hat effect. I laid out some shipping paper on my lanai table and laid out all fifteen lids and their inner caps.  I spray painted each one with several coats. I probably should have primed the lids, but because I’m not a regular crafter, I didn’t think of it until I noticed the black paint was taking some work to stick. Eventually, it all came together and the lids were a nice black color.

Next, I painted the fronts of the medium sized jingle bells orange. I wanted a cute way to represent the snowman’s carrot nose. I was hoping that the jingle bells would still jingle after being glued onto the jars, but they don’t. I took great care to ensure the little clanger inside the jingle bells didn’t attach to the hot glue, but it didn’t matter. The jingle bells don’t jingle. So, after the jingle bells dried, I glued them to the middle of each jar. Sheesh, how many times did I type jingle bells?

Jingle bells.

Then I took the googly eyes and hot glued those to each jar. I pretty much burned off my fingerprints doing this, so I can’t offer tips on not burning yourself. I know traditionally snowmen have coal eyes, but I wanted my snowmen to have googly eyes to give more of a cartoon-y, silly look.

The ribbon was a bit tricky. I used one ribbon as the length template and cut 15 ribbons. I glued a ribbon to each jar to give a scarf look, and then glued on a black button to the middle.

A lucky find were the top hat ornaments at the Dollar Store! I didn’t want to go ham on this project but these top hats were just too adorable. I bought them to finish the look.

To finish the jars, I filled them with these yogurt pretzels from The Fresh Market. Each container was $9.99.Christmas Pretzels

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have white chocolate gourmet pretzels. Last year I used pretzels and was hoping  to do the same this year. These yogurt pretzels were the next best thing, and they actually taste pretty good.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to white candies or cookies, you can paint the jars white and fill them with other treats.


The finished look:  IMG_0209.jpgAfter finally completing this project, I suggest using something other than jingle bells for the snowman’s nose. I’ve had to re-glue several because they keep popping off. And they don’t jingle. 😦 They do look cute, though.

Overall, this project cost $75.00, making each jar about $5.00. I’m happy with the way the jars turned out!

Tomorrow is our work party! Can’t wait to take these in for my coworkers! 🙂

❤ Cherilyn  Blogmas2 Thanks for Reading