FOOD – Meal Prep

This week I am working six days, so today is my day to cook my meals for the week.  I have been browsing recipes trying to find meals that include anything but chicken.  I love chicken, but I’m a bit chickened out.  😉

Rather than spend my only day off in the kitchen, I have decided to keep it easy.  This week, I will do a tuna salad salad.

If yScreen Shot 2017-03-18 at 8.35.56 AMou have not tried this “mayo”, holy moly, it is awesome!  I am not a fan of mayonnaise, but sometimes need it for recipes, and this is an amazing alternative.

To make the tuna: I used regular tuna in water.  I added cucumber, carrots, pineapple chunks, and olives to the tuna.  I mixed the tuna with Vegenaise non-dairy mayo, and added a tiny bit of pineapple juice for some sweetness. I sprinkled some non-dairy vegan cheese on the top.  I added a lemon wedge because I love a spritz of lemon juice to give my food a zangy pop! I plopped a good sized portion of the tuna on top of a bed of baby spinach. 🙂

I sautéed asparagus in olive oil, pepper, sea salt and garlic.

I’ll have my standard baggie of fresh, raw green beans, a handful of almonds, and since organic red delicious apples were the same price as regular, an organic red delicious apple will also be a yummy snack.

Do you meal prep?  Do you have a favorite go-to recipe when you’re not in the mood to cook but still want to stay on track?  Please share your recipes!





Meal Prepping

I love meal prepping.  Doing so helps to keep me on track with weight goals.

My typical daily food intake looks like this:

  • Overnight oats recipe a couple times a week, and having a cup of yogurt with a banana or apple on the other mornings
  • Uncooked green beans before lunch
  • Baked chicken (meal prep recipe) or uncooked tuna on a bed of farro or quinoa
  • Handful of almonds (plain, not roasted) later in the afternoon
  • I drink a crap ton of water during the day, and will occasionally have a hazelnut coffee from RaceTrac in the morning
  • Chicken for dinner or a salad

I try to stay on a good diet free of processed foods and junk foods.  I’m human and have cravings; I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth.  I find my sweet tooth is pretty manageable, but keeping from eating processed foods is a bit trickier. I love easy foods.  To be honest, I’m lazy.  I don’t like cooking, however, I know that once I get in the kitchen and get started, I whip through it and am always thankful for getting my arse up off the sofa.

I just cooked this recipe today:

Easy Pesto Chicken

I’m not a fan of tomatoes, unless they’re squooshed in a sauce.  I changed up the recipe a bit, using boneless chicken breast instead of thighs because eww.  I added shredded carrots, a squish of lemon juice, and roasted tomato/basil pesto.  Also, each container has a half of a baked sweet potato.

This recipe came out really good!  So tasty!


Do you have a favorite meal prep recipe?  What are your go to healthy foods?  What are your weaknesses?  Share how you manage your diet!