Scentbird – March 2018

This is my first Scentbird unboxing! I love perfumes but cannot justify spending upwards of $60.00 for a bottle, so this subscription service is perfect!

If you’re not familiar, Scentbird is a designer fragrance subscription service.  You can opt to receive 1, 2 or 3 fragrances starting at $14.95 per month.  The fragrances come in a 0.27 oz (8 ml) bottle which provide enough product for 30 days. I opted for the two fragrances each month at $25.00/mo., however, I just upgraded to three fragrances per month for $35.00.

The fragrances arrive in a bubble envelope with a card with information on each fragrance. I liked the card because I could spray the perfume on each to make sampling each scent a bit easier.


I also received a fragrance tube in a pretty pearl white. The perfume bottle fits perfectly inside and to use, just twist up like a lipstick. Kindly ignore my nails.

I received Michael Kors Michael and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance. It is a bit strong, and even had me wondering if I had accidentally selected a men’s cologne. I wore it the other day and the scent softened into a lovely smell that grew on me. I kept sniffing at my hair to smell it. Because I have sensitive skin, I don’t spray perfume directly onto my skin. I always spritz it into my hair. At Sephora, a 1 oz bottle of this perfume is $84.00.

From Scentbird’s website: Black Orchid’s dark feast begins with intensely sweet hothouse jasmine and gardenia, with their drooping petals backlit by blackcurrant and bergamot. An oil-painted orris note follows in the heart, infused with deep fruit and spice accords. Gourmand chocolate and vanilla accents heighten the midnight velvet base.

Michael Kors Michael is my favorite of the two and it actually reminds me of one of my favorite perfumes, and signature scent, Marc Jacobs Woman. I’ve worn this scent for many years and am almost out, but it’s $90.00 for 1.7 oz! At Sephora, a 1 oz bottle of the Michael Kors Michael perfume is $66.00.

From the Scentbird website: Michael Kors Michael is a sumptuous robe of buttery tuberose undercut by tamarind, creamy fruit, and peppery florals, Michael is a Big White Floral. Musky woods and grassy vetiver impart a feeling of space and light, making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

I am very happy with both selections. I love woodsy, sexy fragrances with floral and spicy undertones, so these are just perfect for me.

I am excited to continue receiving new fragrances each month and building my collection without needing to spend a fortune.

To subscribe to Scentbird and get a free perfume, clicky clicky here! If free perfumes aren’t your thing but you still want to subscribe, clicky clicky here! 😉

Are you a Scentbird subscriber? What are your thoughts on a fragrance subscription box?

Thank you for reading!

3 Cherilyn


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