Boxycharm – March 2018

It’s already almost the end of March! I love when the beauty boxes start arriving! Boxycharm is my favorite. ❤

If you’ve not heard of this box, Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service. For $21/month, you receive 4-5 full sized beauty products in a cute little black box.  Each box is always worth $100+!

This month’s theme is Baecation.

Let’s get to the goodies!


The blush packaging is really pretty! I don’t know about this color though! It’s a lot brighter than I thought.


Top Row from Left to Right: Purfect, Nakey, Belle, Squad, Charmer, Alliance, Bae, ATL           Bottom Row: Duet, MIA, BFF, Boxy Black

Box total: $115.15

I am happy with this month’s box. It’d be nice to get a blush palette or something other than an eyeshadow palette, but I am happy with the products. They are always of good quality. Boxycharm doesn’t disappoint!

If you want to check out Boxycharm for yourself, click my referral link here!  If you want to check out Boxycharm and subscribe without clicking the referral link, clicky clicky right here!

❤ Cherilyn Thank You For Reading

2 thoughts on “Boxycharm – March 2018

  1. I love the blush packaging but I have to say the colour is very bright. I imagine a slight dab of it though well blended will look beautiful. Bright pink blush was what all the Old Hollywood stars wore, and then somewhere along the lines the 80’s happened lol.
    The eye shadow is beautiful and those pinks are gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love your tidbit facts on Old Hollywood! The 80’s were a bit too bold for me, even with half my head shaved, my hundreds of rubber bracelets on my arms (think Madonna) and Converse hi-tops. 😉 Thank you for your comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts. ❤


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