Social Media – Part WOAH!

I recently joined Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Holy Social Media, y’all, I can’t keep up!

The only one I am finding myself able to keep up with is Twitter, and that is mainly because whenever I post content, it automatically posts to Twitter. I find myself checking my Twitter more than any other form of social media.

How do y’all do it?

Because I know I won’t be able to maintain all four platforms, I have decided to let go of the Facebook page, as well as Pinterest. I will keep Twitter and Instagram.

If you follow me on Instagram, please let me know! As soon as I signed up I had 300 spam accounts follow me. I want to be able to follow you in return, so let me know it’s you! 🙂

Follow me on Twitter!

❤ Cherilyn Thank You For Reading



8 thoughts on “Social Media – Part WOAH!

  1. I am reducing my posts to be able to engage at social media more, I use Facebook mainly and dabble between insta and Twitter. My best advice is to get a followers app because people will add you and then unfollow you straight after you have followed them, it really annoys me.

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  2. Just followed you on twitter and Instagram. I think you made the right decision to focus on two social-media platforms. When you get used to them, you can then look at additional. It’s super hard keeping up with them though and you will always have days where you might be slightly behind.

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    • Thank you for following me! And yes, I think I just got excited and did way too much way too soon! You are so correct to start out light and then add other platforms when and if I can! This is just another reason social media is awesome- I can write my thoughts and there are awesome people here to share wonderful perspective and insight! ❤

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