Let’s Talk About Nails!

Something I have not discussed on my blog is nail polish!

I have a pretty good sized collection of nail polishes.  I used to paint my nails daily in a wide variety of colors and in a wide variety of designs. The only time I could not paint my nails was when I was in massage therapy school.

I don’t paint my nails as often as I’d like; as a designated player, I use my hands to push and pull poker chips and push cards, and because of this, my polish is easily chipped. I can’t always fix my nails after work and it drives me crazy working for days with chipped nail polish. It just looks tacky and makes it seem as if I don’t care much about my appearance. When your hands are the main focus of your job, a nice manicure is important. Even if I don’t wear polish, my nails are trimmed, clean and free of hang nails.

I love all colors of nail polish from neutral to crazy bright colors. I also love painting my nails to show support for certain causes.  Often I paint my nails black with a blue line to show support for our police men and women. Recently for Halloween I painted my nails black and swiped bright orange across each nail. It was a quick way to express both holiday colors and I received many compliments even though I really didn’t put forth much effort.

Whether I do it myself or go to a salon, painting my nails is a fun way to express creativity, show support for causes I hold near and dear, a great way to get in the holiday mood and to just cheer myself up with a bit of splashy color!

Do you like to paint your nails? What crazy designs have you had painted on your nails? Do you go to a salon or do your own nails?

❤ Cherilyn Thank You For Reading


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Nails!

  1. I love how organised your nail kit is. Chipped nails drive me crazy as well. I always manage to chip mine so I rarely paint them anymore. And funnily enough I used to work at a beauty salon where I did makeup and painted nails.
    Seeing this has made me want to paint them. I am currently liking the idea of a red.

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    • Thank you! My need to organize is probably a bit over the top at times. 😉 I love that you used to work at a salon! You’re such an interesting person. Did you end up painting your nails red? I love a pretty red nail. It’s such a bold, confident color. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and for your comment. ❤

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      • I didn’t in the end. I had a photoshoot as well and it would have been perfect! I am so bad at timing. I will probably wait till my next shoot now and get a good photo with them. I do love red though – nails and lips. x


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