Morphe Brush Box – April Unboxing

Here we go with April’s MorpheMe brush unboxing, rather, unenveloping! The packaging isn’t the cutest; it’s a bubble wrap envelope, but it has a cute accordion card with a breakdown of the brushes.

This month’s brushes:

  • R10 – Deluxe tapered powder brush ($14.99)
  • R40 – Deluxe pointed blender ($5.99)
  • R8 – Pro flat contour brush ($11.99)

Total box worth: $32.97

These brushes are gorgeous! Made with goat bristles, each brush has a sturdy black handle and rose gold ferrule! So pretty!


I enjoy this subscription box because you can never have too many brushes. 🙂  So far, all the brushes have been awesome, and none have been repeats.

If you’re interested in signing up, click HERE (this link will get us both a free brush!), or click HERE if you don’t want a free brush. 😉  It’s $19.99/month.

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