My Beauty Space

Until I can turn our extra room into a beauty room, I currently have a beauty space in my bathroom.  I use a 4 drawer dresser to store my makeup.  I thought it would bother me to have this in my bathroom, but it has become the best thing ever.  I have a pretty nice linen closet in my bathroom, but space is limited, and if you’ll take a look at these photos, you’ll see I have a lot of STUFF.  I’m also big on organization.  Clutter drives me insane.  The storage bins are from the dollar store.  Nothin’ beats organization for a buck!

Welcome to my Beauty Space:

I love my brush holders.  I’ve done a post about them before.  The holders are actually stemless wine glasses, and my friend made the the decals for me.  The glass jars and wine glasses are from the dollar store.


This drawer contains all my primers, concealers, foundations, setting/fixing sprays, and setting/finishing powders.   IMG_6268

This drawer has all my highlighters, brow pencils, mascaras, bronzers and blushes.

Drawer 2


My eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadows and primers live here.

Drawer 3

This is where I store extra product, false eyelashes, brush cleaner, my ipsy bags and extra brushes.

Drawer 4

I love my teeny tiny beauty space in my bathroom.  Everything is accessible and nicely stored.

Show me your Beauty Space or Beauty Room!  I’d love to get some inspiration from your spaces for my future space!


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