Highlighters – Application

I have an obsession with highlighters.  I know I am not alone in this obsession.  🙂

A favorite I have been using regularly is this Vintage double highlighter palette that I received in a Boxycharm.  I LOVE it!



However, I just received my Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit, and I know this will quickly become my favorite! But this post isn’t about all the amazing highlighters out there…

I want to talk about highlight application.

I have watched a million makeup tutorials with application of highlighter, and everyone seems to apply it the same: the highpoint of the cheek or along the cheekbones over top of their blush.

Whenever I put highlight over my blush, even with blending it out, it looks harsh and heavy, so I started applying my highlight first and applying my blush over top, then blending it out together. It provides a beautiful, shimmery look that isn’t harsh, but still leaves me glowing for the gods.

I love seeing the soft glow of my highlight peeping through my blush.  It just makes it look so much more natural, and I’ve received many more compliments on my skin.

How do you apply your highlight?  Which highlighter do you find yourself reaching for the most from your collection?




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