Beauty Box Subscriptions

Beauty box subscriptions have been around for quite awhile, but I am just now getting around to subscribing to a couple.  Do you subscribe to any of the below or any not mentioned?  What are your thoughts?  Recommendations?

Some popular beauty box subscriptions are (Prices below are for U.S.):

I currently subscribe to Ipsy and Boxycharm, and have just added the Liveglam MorpheMe brush subscription.  Details on the MorpheMe sub are down below.

Boxycharm offers 5-6 full sized products from drugstore to high end. I have received two Boxycharm boxes and LOVED all the products inside.  My favorite Boxycharm product so far has been the Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection eyeshadow palette.  It is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.  The dupe works just fine for me, and I use it almost daily for a bit of eyelid color.  Both boxes received had a value of over $100.

Ipsy offers 5+ deluxe sized sample and full sized products from drugstore to high end. I received my first Ipsy bag in January and absolutely loved all the products.  My favorite product so far has been the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lip Conditioning balm in clear.  The bag came with one full size, and I have since purchased six more because I love it that much.  The products range from travel sized to full sized, and come in a super cute makeup bag.  My first Ipsy bag had a value of over $100.

Liveglam offers 3 different subscription services: Morphe brushes, a lipstick subscription, and a nail polish subscription.  Each are $19.95.  MorpheMe sends 3-7 Morphe brushes monthly valuing at least $30, and they claim to never send the same brush twice.  I am excited to get a set of Morphe brushes each month to expand my brush collection.  I just received my first set of Morphe brushes last week.  I received:

Morphe G36  ($13.99), the Morphe G34 ($8.99), and the Morphe G33 ($8.99).  I haven’t used them yet.


The beauty subscription boxes are an affordable way to try new products whether you’re a makeup pro, or just starting out in the vast and overwhelming world of cosmetics.  I wish I had joined the bandwagon when they first started popping up, but I’m subscribed to a few now, and really enjoy them.  It’s nice to get a little box of surprise goodies each month.  Receive a product you don’t like, already own, or isn’t your color? There are also a lot of groups to trade products with other members, and I think that’s such a great idea.  Search around Facebook, and even in the comments of the beauty box subscription Facebook pages.  Just be mindful of how and who you trade with. 🙂

Share your beauty subscription box(es), or any other subscription boxes with me!  I’d love to hear what you’ve tried, like, hate, LOVE!


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